Fuel Woes Still Linger

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Cheryl Gonzales found out firsthand that places to fill her car up are few and far between.

Cheryl says, "I've been to several over the last few days and basically they’re the only ones in Panama City Beach that have fuel."

Early Monday morning few places had regular unleaded gasoline, but shortly before noon that was a rare commodity as well.

Those fill-up stations with any fuel at all only had high test to offer their customers. For a lot of people that is a major hit in the wallet.

"It's frustrating. It really is, especially when you’re working hard trying to make a living anyway.”

Two days before Hurricane Dennis, the fill-up stations started to run low on gas as people prepared to evacuate. Now a week later, stations are still low and people are wondering what could have been done differently to prevent the problem.

Despite the confusion about the shortage and the frustration at the high cost of what is left, many people share the same thoughts as Cheryl Gonzales.

"You have to do what you have to do to get to where you need to go."

And Monday’s race to the pumps proves just that.

A representative from the Chevron terminal says they were filling trucks to send out to the stations. They could not tell us how much fuel they were sending out or how long they expect it to last.