Repeat Storms Compounding Florida's Beach Erosion Problems

When it comes to hurricanes, the Florida Panhandle is losing ground, literally.

Gov. Jeb Bush says erosion was the top issue raised by local officials when he toured the Panhandle a day after Hurricane Dennis struck the region July 10.

One boardwalk on the Florida Panhandle used to sit 85 yards from the water. That was last year. Now it's down to 50 yards.

The Army Corps of Engineers is overseeing about $160 million in restoration work, and the figure is expected to grow.

Experts say beaches and dunes can recover on their own, but not quickly enough for property owners.

One critic of restoration wonders why taxpayers should be responsible for what he calls “this really arrogant act of lining up buildings on a shoreline that's well-known to be eroding.''