Annual Gulf Coast Air Show Attracts Thousands

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"This is a great air show. We've got beautiful weather," Larry Skipper, a spectator, said.

With the beautiful skies, the crowd, which was over 60,000, got some amazing views.

"Everyone's having a good time. It’s great representation of our military, love it," Skipper said.

You had to look up to see these planes in action. It’s all apart of the Gulf Coast Air Show. From high flying stunts to very fast jets, the air show is a crowd favorite.

"What they do is just unreal, watching them go straight up and straight down just takes your breath away," Alma Hermin, a Panama City resident, said.

There was one show everyone was looking forward to seeing.

"I'm looking forward to watching the Thunderbirds fly around. They're really cool," said six-year-old Michael Warren.

From their fabled past to their storied present, the Thunderbirds are the premier demonstration squadron of the most elite air and space force.

While the crowd grips its seats the Thunderbird pilots were sweating at all, and according to Colonel Darryl Roberson, Tyndall's new 325th Commander, this show is all about giving back.

"This is one of those opportunities to come out and see the hardware, talk to the airmen, find out more about what’s going on and see what our Air Force is doing for our country," Roberson said.

And for the kids it’s a day they soon won't forget.

"I think it’s cool. They do a lot of tricks and stuff and I really like the stunts and flips they do," Warren said.

"It’s very cool. You get to see them do flips and turns; it’s very interesting," Tamaria Reed said.

This was the first air show for Colonel Roberson, who just took over command of the 325th. He says he's already gearing up for next years show.

This is also the first year Tyndall has held a concert as the finale to the air show.

Country music artist Aaron Tipping played for a packed house, and we were told the crowd loved it.