It Takes a Village

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Many businesses have offered food, discounts, anything to make the lives of the evacuees easier.

When asked what compelled them to do this, the overwhelming answer is, "It could of been us."

Joshalyn Miller runs the Beck Avenue Cafe in St. Andrews and hopes just a little loss of profit can be a huge gain for Hurricane Katrina evacuees.

"Anything on our menu is half price and if they can't afford it, we will feed them."

And she's not the only one. Many local restaurants offered special discounts and hotels have lowered their prices.

A local radio station made a call for help Wednesday morning and got more calls than they could handle.

Pete Norden, Clearchannel GM, says, “We're taking all the info and posting it on and it will be sort of a storyboard or information board where people can go and access the information."

On the Web site evacuees can see what's available and those who'd like to help can post what you can donate.

You can also send an e-mail to or fax the information to 769-0659.

Many businesses say helping is a no-brainer.

"We probably can see ourselves in their same shoes if this thing was 150 miles east of where it landed we would no doubt be in very similar circumstances and we would only hope that other communities would do the same for us."

"It could of been us and I have friends coming from New Orleans and I just want to help."