Ambulance Convoy

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Everyone is doing with they can to help out in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, including emergency workers.

More than 50 ambulances from Florida convoyed to Mississippi Wednesday morning.

Bay Medical Center sent two paramedics and an ambulance to be a part of the mission. The convoy plans to meet up with other first responders in Jackson, Mississippi where they'll be given assignments.

The EMS workers say they aren't exactly sure what they'll be doing, but from the pictures on television there will be enough work to keep them busy 24/7.

Doug Gibson of Bay County Med. EMS says, "There's plenty of suffering there. We don't know if we'll be involved in some rescue activities. Maybe delivering basic care. There's a lot of different missions we could be assigned to once we get there."

The city of Lynn Haven also sent four police officers to help out in the Katrina disaster area.