Barges Arrive With Gasoline - Long Lines at the Pumps

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Gasoline is still a somewhat scarce commodity in northwest Florida, but each day brings more signs of life at the pump.

The local Chevron terminal on Beach Drive downtown says it has plenty of gasoline and the tankers started lining up Tuesday.

Most gas stations around the Bay County area have been out of gas for several days and those plastic bags put over the pump handles are starting to come off.

It was all brought on by Hurricane Dennis, but those times may be over soon.

It takes about 30 minutes to load a large gasoline tanker truck at the Chevron terminal. And all day Tuesday the barges couldn’t off load the fuel into the big storage tanks fast enough.

Some stations started selling regular unleaded by late Tuesday, but didn’t have any mid grade or high octane. That’s a far cry from three or four days ago when everything ran out.

Its going to take a couple of days to get all the stations back up and running and things will be back to normal. Then we can complain about the price of gas again rather than the fact there is no gas in town.