Millville Standoff Ends With Tear Gas

A two-hour standoff ended with Bay County sheriff’s deputies tear-gassing a man who barricaded himself inside a home in the 500 block of Everitt Ave. Tuesday morning.

Investigators say Clay Simmons Hedricks, Jr. barricaded himself in his home to keep deputies from serving him with an arrest warrant.

The 26-year-old Millville man was wanted on grand theft charges here in Bay County and several other charges in other counties.

Officers fired the tear gas into the home after learning Hedricks was apparently trying to cut his wrists.

Ruth Sasser, the public information officer for the Sheriff’s Office, said, “We decided it was the best thing to do in light of the fact he had injured himself and was getting weaker. We wanted to go in with the gas first and then get him out. Sure enough, as soon as we did that he came right out.”

Hedricks was treated at the scene for his cuts and then taken to the Bay County Jail where he faces a number of charges.