Friday Is First Anniversary of Hurricane Ivan

The Florida Panhandle is marking the first anniversary of Hurricane Ivan.

There are prayers and a multimedia theatrical remembrance while tending to thousands who fled an even greater catastrophe.

Hurricane Katrina evacuees are in shelters, hotels and private homes in a region where hundreds of Ivan victims still remain in temporary quarters.

Ivan's center made landfall September 16 last year at Gulf Shores, Alabama, just west of the Panhandle. It had 120 mile-an-hour winds and a storm surge of 10 to 15 feet. It was the third of four hurricanes that struck Florida last year, a record for the state.

Ivan ranks as the nation's fourth-costliest hurricane. It caused about $13 billion in damage, behind Hurricanes Katrina, Andrew in 1992 and Charley last year. Ivan killed 25 people in the United States, 14 in Florida. Thirty-two more U.S. deaths are indirectly attributed to the storm.

Tornados spawned by Ivan killed two people in Bay County and four in Calhoun County north of Blountstown.