Death Recommended For Ex-Con Who Killed Walton County Activist

A jury has recommended that an ex-convict be executed for killing a community and political activist who had tried to help him get back on his feet after his parole.

Jessie Guardado has confessed and pleaded guilty to first-degree
murder. The state attorney's office says Guardado planned to kill
and rob Jackie Malone for money to buy crack cocaine. The only alternative to the death penalty is life in prison without parole. Sentencing is set for September 30th.

Malone was a real estate broker-contractor. The 75-year-old died a year ago after being repeatedly stabbed and beaten with a steel rod at her home in the rural Alaqua community.

Malone befriended Guardado when he came to Walton County. She rented a house to him and lent him money. Guardado cashed Malone's
checks and used her cell phone, which led police to him after the killing.