Inspirational Story From Hurricane Evacuee

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When New Orleans was filling up with water, Angrid Belton couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. She looked into her own soul for her inner switch.

The crew from a rescue chopper plucked Angrid from her New Orleans rooftop during the flooding, but she left behind her mother, brother and father, who was in a nursing home.

She still doesn't where they are.

Angrid evacuated to Panama City, got a job with construction company and began rebuilding her life with a vengeance, but Angrid isn't stopping there. She's the first one to jump on the labor truck; she volunteers at the Red Cross, and has just created a volunteer program, which brings food to the evacuees staying at hotels with no transportation.

Thanks to her, evacuees in 338 hotel rooms will eat Saturday, until the last one checks out, and she plans to keep on giving, but she's also hoping someone will give her the thing she misses most, her family.

Caravans will start bringing food from the Senior Center on Middle Beach Road to hotel rooms, housing evacuees with no transportation.