Rosenwald Sports Trophies Found and Put on Display

The trophies, which belonged to the old Rosenwald High School, are now on display at the Glenwood Community Center.

They had actually been thrown away after the then all black high school was turned into a middle school.

One teacher saved some of the trophies and held on to them for nearly 40 years, and now after a long four decades wait, today’s students get to see some of the gold, which was presented to Rosenwald High School Athletes.

Johnny Campbell of Rosenwald’s class of 1954 commented, “Definitely it is saving the history of the achievement of the athletic Department of Rosenwald High School during the time when it was predominately black.”

They are still trying to collect more trophies and memorabilia from Rosenwald. If you have any you are asked to please call 785-2554.