Mexico Beach Murder

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Aaron Scott Garner made his first appearance in court Friday on charges that he murdered 57-year-old Rebecca Ann Shepherd.

Investigators say Garner beat the woman to death after a rent dispute.

Garner had been living in a tent in the Rustic Sands Campgrounds when Shepherd offered to share her trailer with him.

The park owner told us that Garner hadn't paid Shepherd any rent in two months and he may have thought it would be easier to kill her than to come up with the money.

People who knew Garner say he was a drifter, working various odd jobs in the area.

As for Rebecca Shepherd, she seems to have been a bit of a loaner with no immediate family in the area. Folks who did know Rebecca Shepherd knew she loved to sing, and that she was good at it.

A local bar was one of the places she'd show off her skills on karaoke nights.

She also worked for the Rustic Sands Campgrounds. The owners called her and all-around do-gooder. Garner’s next court appearance is August 25.