Naval Center Sends Hurricane Relief Facility

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It took four flatbed 18-wheelers, 12 hours and 30 Panama City personnel to move the 4,000 square foot facility to New Orleans, but according to naval support officials, the effort is well worth it.

This deployable joint command and control facility is helping to provide television, Internet and phone lines, which allows commanders to communicate with outside help.

Only two of these facilities exist in the world, one in Miami, and one in Panama City, and this catastrophic situation was reason enough to make the move.

Naval support officials are thankful to have a staff of people around Panama City who are willing to make this work.

About 30 people from Panama City are living in New Orleans, rotating shifts to make sure the facility operates as efficiently as possible.

This deployable joint command and control facility will stay in New Orleans for an indefinite period of time until the area is fully back on its feet.