Changes in Minority Enrollment in Florida

A new report shows a drop in African-American student enrollment at Florida's universities.

While enrollment is increasing for Hispanics, it's declining for blacks. The report shows a six percent overall drop in enrollment for African-Americans. At least part of that is because enrollment is down by 13 percent at FAMU, but other schools, like the University of Florida, have also seen a drop.

Gov. Jeb Bush is primarily attributed to Florida A&M.

"The prime reason why black enrollment is down is that enrollment is down at FAMU. I've been assured by the president of FAMU that they are going to make sure that more of the students who've applied and been accepted will go there."

Reggie Mitchell of People for the American Way Florida office says he saw it coming.

"The University of Florida, the University of South Florida, other schools; since One Florida, this is no surprise we saw this coming. It's just consistent with Florida just not doing a good job in education at all levels.”

Mitchell points to a Harvard study that shows three out of five black males don't graduate from high school. He says if the situation were that critical among white students, more would be done to change it.