Military Training in Calhoun County

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There's a unique new business here in the Panhandle that's doing its part to help the hurricane relief effort.

Advanced Training Services located next to the town of Altha in Calhoun County five months ago. This business that offers advanced military training is making a difference in several areas.

It’s no ordinary firing range. It's part of a military training center in Calhoun County.

"We primarily provide security threat assessments, quite a bit of intelligence work in support of the government."

Advanced Tactical Services brought their training facility to Altha about five months ago.

"We've ramped up and prepared to support follow-on missions in support of the U.S. military and governmental agencies."

"We've executed our operation in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Sudan, Central and South America. We work primarily for the U.S. government in conjunction with the private sector or companies."

The organization made up of former military provides training for each branch of our armed forces.

John Schaper, Chief of Staff, says, "We make it easier on the military to contract out and train these forces in order to deploy them in hot spots throughout the world."

The special skills they've developed also lends a natural hand to law enforcement.

"As different law enforcement agencies, they have the special SWAT teams and different things like that. We can bring our expertise and pass that along to different agencies."

As part of the hurricane relief effort, 60 of ATS' personnel are currently in Louisiana, and depending on what final track Hurricane Rita takes, the next mission could be in Texas.

"We get the resources to the people that need it most and we help coordinate that effort."

ATS' slogan is “send us your best and we'll make them better,” better at doing America's work while training in Calhoun.

Advance Tactical Service officials say they moved to Altha because of the large availability of land for their training ranges.