Chipley Ax Murderer Surrenders in Central Florida

A Chipley area woman is facing an open count of murder Monday evening for the ax murder of her boyfriend last week.

Sheriff Bobby Haddock says 42-year-old Karlene Ann Alexander shared a home with her boyfriend William Eugene Roberts on Tumble Creek Blvd. southeast of Chipley.

The sheriff said after the slaying, the woman fled to St. Petersburg in the victim's truck.

Sunday night she and some relatives went to the St. Petersburg Police Department where she told her story.

Reportedly, Ms. Alexander and the victim had an argument and she hit him with an ax in the living room of their home. That's when she fled to central Florida.

Washington County deputies took a search warrant to the home and found Roberts dead on the floor.

Ms. Alexander is being held in the Pinellas County Jail in St. Petersburg without bond. She'll be returned to Chipley to face the murder charge.