Washington County Teacher

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The Washington County School Board is currently investigating accusations that a teacher employed some usual practices with some of his students.

Students and parents have complained Philip Frost gives the kids extra credit for doing, among other things, manual labor.

Nineteen-year-old Kelvin Mack attends Washington County's alternative ed program in Chipley. He's one of a number of students that claim their teacher Phillip Frost has some unconventional ways for them to earn extra credit.

Kelvin says, "He lets us read the Christian Bible in class for extra credit. I'm a Muslim, but I read the Christian Bible for extra credit."

Kelvin says they way to earn extra credit in Mr. Frost’s class goes beyond reading Scripture.

"He had my home boy Tate clean his shoes for extra credit. He had him in the back polishing his shoes."

Kelvin's mother says she has no issue with her son reading the Bible, just not on school time.

Dayatra Hill, a parent, says, "But when you're doing this as a shortcut instead of sitting down to help my child understand his curriculum, then that's what I have a problem with."

The school board's currently investigating Frost’s questionable ways to earn extra credit, and according several other students, he made it known.

Ladaron Pruitt, a student, says, "He told us to lie for him. He told us to make him look good."

Students like Brandon Ramsey and Ladaron Pruitt say they're sticking to what they know to be the truth.

Brandon says, "He had us mop floors and shine shoes, take out big boxes of trash. That's not part of education. He says we do that for extra credit."

"He said if they ask you about me telling them to read the Bible, say I didn't do it and I didn't make you clean shoes."

We contacted the school board and Phillip Frost, and thus far no one has commented.

Washington County school officials say they are still not prepared to comment until their investigation is completed, which is expected to be this Friday.