Non-Storm Agencies Facing Post Hurricane Dennis Volunteer Shortage

Most hurricane relief organizations report getting plenty of help, but some agencies that provide other community services are facing post-hurricane volunteer shortages.

The Local Education Foundation in Charlotte County lost some school mentors after last year's hurricane. Most of those volunteers had to temporarily relocate their workplaces too far from their assigned schools.

In the western Panhandle, there are shortages of volunteers to serve as courtroom advocates for children, provide meals and other services to the elderly and mentor school children. Florida's southeast coast is facing a similar shortage.

But volunteers have been flocking to hurricane relief agencies such as the American Red Cross, Salvation Army and Rebuild Northwest Florida. These agencies have drawn local and out-of-town volunteers. The latter typically come to Florida for a week or two, often with church groups, to help with hurricane relief and rebuilding.

Agencies providing other services are hoping hurricane volunteers will continue helping in different ways as the recovery winds down.