It’s One of the Most Serious Charges a Radio Station Can Face - Deliberately Jamming a Competitor’s Signal, Especially During a Hurricane

A popular Panama City radio station says its ability to broadcast crucial emergency information during Hurricane Dennis two weeks ago was blocked by a competitor's jamming.

The information comes from a multi-page complaint from Clear Channel Communications filed with the Federal Communications Commission.

Many of area residents were glued to their TVs or radios during Hurricane Dennis, but if you we're listening to 92.5 WPAP the morning of July 10, you might not have heard anything but a hum.

According to a complaint with the FCC by Clear Channel and WPAP, its signal was blocked by one of their competitors that sits on Thomas drive at Gywn Drive.

That's double OO Radio Corp, which has several stations here including WASJ – 105.1, WPFM 107.9, WRBA Arrow 95.9, and Cat Country 103.5 WAKT.

The report says that Clear Channel Chief Engineer Charles Wooten noticed the interference and tracked it to the Double OO building. At that point he went with a sheriff's deputy inside the building, found a transmitter on the air and sending a blank signal over 92.5, which is the WPAP frequency. The report then says the device was then turned off.

WPAP is designated as a primary station under the Emergency Alert System which means they are responsible for broadcasting messages from the national weather service and other emergency management offices.

We asked for a comment from Double OO Radio, but they wouldn't speak with us and would not return our phone calls. Clear Channel would not comment either.

Depending on the FCC's investigation they could get either a slap on the wrist or fines in the hundreds of thousands of dollars or possibly even loose their broadcast licenses.