Radio Wars

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Clear Channel Radio's 92.5 WPAP says on the morning of July 10, just before Hurricane Dennis landed on the Panhandle, their signal was blocked illegally. This according to a report they've sent to the Federal Communications Commission.

Charles Wooten of Clear Channel says, "It's an interference complaint and we feel that it speaks for itself."

The report says interference on 92.5 was noticed around 5:45 a.m. that Sunday. Clear Channel's Chief Engineer Charles Wooten used a device to track the interference not to a pirated station but their competitor, Double 0 Radio.

You might know them better as 95.9, 103.5, 105.1 and 107.9. According to the report Wooten entered the building with a sheriff's deputy looking for device called an exciter.

The report says one inside Double 0 was tuned to 92.5 broadcasting a blank signal. It was soon turned off, but according to the report could have kept up to 30,000 people from hearing crucial weather information.

"You're given a license by the FCC to operate on a particular frequency at a particular power and you're supposed to enjoy that frequency and be able to serve the public and make a profit at the same time without being interfered with by outside interference.”

Double 0 has issued a statement saying they are "conducting and internal investigation technical malfunction involving a backup transmitter used only during emergencies."

Depending on the FCC's investigation, Double 0 could face a wide range of penalties from a several hundred thousand dollar fine to even losing their license.