Increased Berm for Pinnacle Port and Carillon Beaches

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Hurricane Dennis claimed just about all that was left of the Pinnacle Port and Carillon Beaches.

Officials from Pinnacle Port decided years ago to opt out of the beach renourishment plan and have been regretting it ever since.

A beefed up berm could be the first band-aid to cover this long standing open wound.

Lisa Armbruster with Beach Management says, "An increase in the category B FEMA berm that we are gonna be placing are Carillon and Pinnacle Port. We've got some approval from the state to add to what we were going to originally place there."

The state funded increase will make the berm 10 cubic yards per foot in those areas. Beach scraping may be the quickest way to restore other areas of the beach, but approval from the Department of Environmental Protection is still needed.

"The board voted to approach the DEP and request beach scraping in a couple of areas along the beach. It will require a DEP permit as well as their approval.

Tuesday's meeting also cleared up some misunderstandings about individuals restoring dunes on their privately owned property.

"The board approved private owners to do that, contingent upon our office approving the sand.

The TDC will approve sand based on its color and grain size. Officials hope to see trucks of sand coming into the Pinnacle Port and Carillon Beach areas in about 30 days if there are no weather interruptions.

Additional guidelines for owners of private beaches can be found on the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Web site.