Emergency at the Local Airport Resolved With No Problems

An emergency landing at the Panama City-Bay County International Airport Thursday morning caused some anxiety for passengers, but ultimately no one was hurt. An incident in Los Angeles Wednesday actually helped calm passengers.

Comair flight 5757 from Orlando to Panama City was en route when the pilot noticed a warning light in the cockpit. The light indicated there was a problem with the landing gear in the plane's nose, so the pilot took the plane straight up and told the 17 passengers what was going on.

Jules Steinberg was one of the passengers and says, "The pilot said 'we think it's a steering mechanism, and we can land the plane, but uh, we may have fire trucks down below and the fact we may not have control of the plane once we land, so we circled and everyone on the plane was calm."

Once the pilots confirmed the problem, they radioed to the Panama City airport tower to let them know about the situation.

Kip Turner, an airport employee, says it was a textbook case.

“Everybody responded as they were supposed to, we had outside resources responding the way we would have planned it."

Pam Robinson, another passenger on the flight says everyone was calm.

"We just landed. They didn't even have us in the emergency position or anything like that.”

“Were you scared?”

“A little bit. I wrote a letter to my family while I was waiting."

"What was going through my mind was what I watched last night on TV and that was the Burbank emergency landing. My attitude was that it calmed me, because that was successful last night I just felt that the pilot was professional and that he'd bring us down.”

The plane touched down a little after 8:45 Thursday morning without incident. No one was hurt and passengers on the 8:15 flight from Orlando were put on other flights throughout the day.