"What If" Questions PC Airport

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Brian Riesett is waiting to get back home to Baltimore, but he can't help but be on edge after the Los Angeles incident Wednesday night.

Panama City's airport flies mostly medium to small planes. If a larger plane were to experience emergency condition in this area, air traffic controllers would have to divert the jet to either Tallahassee or Pensacola.

The local airport does not comply with federal standards. There's not enough of a crash-zone at each end of the major runway.

The Forest Park neighborhood sits on the south end. The north end of the runway ends at the edge of North Bay.

That's one of the reasons the federal aviation administration has agreed to fund a new airport in the West Bay area. Plans call for 12,000 foot runway, with a large area of land to act as a buffer zone.

It's not finalized just yet, but county officials only have a few details to iron out before approving the airport relocation plans.