Tasers on the Way

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Wednesday the Bay County Sheriff's Office held a short session to introduce these weapons to the public.

Frank McKeithen, Bay County Sheriff, says, "There are so many myths about the tasers and how bad they are and how dangerous they are, and we're just trying to show that these myths are no true; obviously they're effective, they do exactly what we want them to do."

They immobilize a dangerous or threatening suspect without injuring them. Wednesday several officers and members of the media tried it out.

Tasers have stirred up quite a controversy with more than 50 deaths after shocks since 2001, but in each case manufacturers claim there was a different predominant factor responsible for the deaths.

Law enforcement officials realize there are public concerns, so they're developing specific policies on taser use.

"We think it’s very important that the community knows that if law enforcement in general thinks that these things are a viable tool, then I think it’s more effective."

Training has already begun and around 16 sheriff's deputies will begin carrying tasers within the next few weeks. The Sheriff's Office, Panama City Police and eventually the Beach Police plan to put tasers into use.