Florida Could Get the Shaft in the New Energy Bill

Florida's two U.S. senators fear the energy bill being debated in Washington will pave the way for oil drilling off the state's Gulf and Atlantic Coasts.

Both Bill Nelson and Mel Martinez oppose the plan because it calls for taking an inventory of oil and gas reserves beneath the Gulf and Atlantic bottoms.

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush says the bill is in response to the need for more U.S. oil and as long as there's no drilling there's no cause for concern.

Bush told reporters, "We have a serious problem of dependence on foreign oil and it’s time for the United States to provide incentives for alternate sources of energy."

The governor says he will continue to oppose any attempt to drill for oil and natural gas off the Florida coast.

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson says even taking inventory causes environmental damage to Florida's sea life and could hurt the environment and eventually the state's number one industry, tourism.