Jackson County Jobs

Jackson County and the city of Marianna announced plans to expand their distribution park.

City and county officials have agreed to buy 178 acres of land adjacent to the new Family Dollar Stores’ distribution center at a cost of $800,000. They'll sell 10 acres to Pro-Logis, a New York-based company that provides distribution facilities worldwide.

Pro-Logis wants to use the parcel to create a distribution center for Arizona Chemical Company. Some say the land is expensive, but economic leaders say it's worth it.

Louy Harris, Marianna City Manager, says, "I think this is a great opportunity for Marianna as well as Jackson County. Through our economic development team we have the opportunity to fill our distribution park. This is the second of those that we've had the opportunity to get into this location."

Pro-Logis says Arizona Chemical should be moved into the new facility by December. It will mean 20 new jobs for the area.