New Robot Fights War Against Terror

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The controls look a lot like the kind used for video games, but this particular gadget isn't a toy, and it's a whole lot more expensive.

This $178,000 robot called the Wolverine is the Bay County Sheriff's Office's newest addition. It's one of three robots housed in the Panhandle region, designed to inspect suspicious objects or situations and keep people safe.

The Wolverine is equipped with video cameras, still cameras and various lights so the controller can see where it's going from far away, and they get a lot of practice.

The Wolverine can be used by any agency, including firefighters, police and bomb squads to take some of the risk out of risky situations.

If the Wolverine is too big for certain situations, the authorities can call in other robots from around the region.

For instance, there's the F6A model, and the smallest robot, affectionately called "The Mini."