Walton County Rates Beach Sand

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Greg Graham has created an ecosystem in his office.

Graham is one of the engineers trying to help Walton County repair its beaches and berms, battered and broken by Hurricane Dennis. He and others have designed a system that filters the sand through a coffee pot, then dries the sand using a microwave.

When the process is completed, they compare sand colors. If the colors don't meet standards, it won't go onto Walton County beaches.

On Thursday Graham tested sand brought in from Pensacola, using the Munsell Test. Based on the value and color on the scale, this sand passes.

Greg says this is an important job to keep up the caliber of Walton County's beaches. Graham says this process gives them a good indication of what the sand will look like two weeks after it's placed on the beach.

In time, the sun should bleach it to the same sugar white color we all knew before Hurricane Dennis washed it all away.

Engineers grade sand quality on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best. Walton County officials have agreed to use sand rated a "6" for the current restoration project.