Robot Technology Now on Hand at Bay County Sheriff's Office

The Bay County Sheriff’s Department is now home to the region’s newest team member in the War on Terror, and at 700 pounds it’s a real heavy hitter.

It’s called Wolverine, a $178,000 robot. The controls look a lot like the kind used for video games, but it’s not a game. It’s one of three robots house in the northwest Florida Region.

Sgt. John Corley says it’s designed to inspect suspicious objects or situations and keep people safe.

“It can be used to rescue an officer in any type situation where an officer is down where the environment would prevent sending another officer in to drag him out. We could use the Wolverine to bring that person out.”

The robot is equipped with video and still cameras and various lights so the person controlling it can see where it’s going and still be far away from it.

The sheriff’s deputies have been getting lots of practice. It can be used by any agency including firefighters, police and bomb squads.