Panama City Beach Firemen Deliver Their First Baby

Women give birth on a daily basis, but generally it happens in hospitals.

Thursday afternoon Virginia Cox gave birth to a baby girl, Hannah Faith, at a Panama City Beach fire station on Middle Beach Road.

Cox was in labor as she, her husband and sister in law were on the way to the hospital, but heavy traffic along Back Beach Road sent them on a detour.

They pulled onto Middle Beach Road towards the EMS station near the Wal-Mart, but all four paramedics were out in ambulances making emergency runs. There were no paramedics to be found, but there were three firefighters next door. Many of them have advanced first responder training.

While the firefighters prepared for Cox to deliver, the sister-in-law called 911. Her contractions were already three minutes apart, and baby Hannah was on her way.

Lt. Greg Rincon delivered the five-pound, 14-ounce baby girl at 4:31 in the afternoon. This is the first baby ever delivered by the Panama City Beach Fire Department.