Murder Case Update

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On March 17 someone brutally murdered a 19-year-old Marianna woman and three of her young children. Four months later authorities still haven't arrested a suspect in the killings of Danielle Baker and her three sons.

Friday, local and state investigators talked to the media about what they know, don't know and what kind of help they need from the public.

Investigators from four different agencies gathered in Marianna Friday morning for an assessment on the case of a 19-year-old.

The 19-year-old woman and her three children were all found murdered in their apartment at the Cottondale Village apartment complex on March 17. Although they haven't named a suspect in the case, they say it doesn't mean they're not making progress.

Scotty Sanderson with FDLE says, "We don't intend on letting up as the days go on just because we've had a period of time between the time it happened and now."

Marianna Police Chief Lou Roberts and his department have been the lead agency in this investigation, but they've had a lot of help from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the state attorney's office and the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.

Sue Livingston of the FDLE Crime Lab says, "We use the latest technologies we have available in forensics including DNA, latent prints, using alternate light sources, chemistry analysis for drugs, toxicology for drugs."

Chief Roberts says the killer is most like somebody familiar to Baker and may have already been interviewed by investigators.

"The evidence supports the fact that very likely our victim and victims knew the person who was responsible for this."

The investigation has been a time consuming, expensive undertaking.

The FDLE's violent crime council has already contributed $47,000 to cover some of Marianna's investigative expenses.

Lou Roberts, Marianna Police Chief, says, "Unfortunately we can't solve this like they do on TV within an hour’s time. When you charge somebody with a homicide to pursue this through the court system you better have it right the first time."

But Roberts also realizes the public is anxious for an arrest, something he wants as much as anyone.

Authorities are offering a $25,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in this case. Please call the Crimestoppers Tips Line at 850-526-5000.