Rita Victims Not Yet Receiving Aid

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Sometimes in order to help others you have to get help for yourself. That's the case for John Weakly. He works for a power company in Texas.

Weakly wants to head home so he can help restore electricity to the Rita disaster areas. Weakly says he can't get back because the Red Cross is refusing to help him and his family.

Those "higher ups" are the people assessing Rita damages in Texas and Louisiana. It may be several days before they can reach all of the areas. Until then, who is truly from a disaster area, and who may be trying to take advantage of the situation?

Disaster assessment teams are adding new zip codes every day to the list of people who will be eligible for aid. Until then, people like John and Ilene Weakly have no choice but to be patient.

Red Cross officials say it took about a week to receive all the damage reports after Hurricane Katrina.