Local Airman Wins National Award

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I had the pleasure of meeting with Amber Turek Monday, and she really is one of a kind. She was chosen for this award out of more than 285,000 enlisted people in the Air Forc, and it’s not hard to see why.

This award is based on volunteer work, medical emergency help, aircraft emergency work and overall attitude and work ethic.

Amber was stationed in Japan where she worked as a tax interpreter and helped with children in elementary schools. She says probably her most memorable moment was when she aided in saving the life of a man who couldn't breathe.

She gave him CPR and oxygen, and he was then able to regain consciousness. She says even through all of her endeavors, this award still came as a surprise.

The neat thing about Amber is that she kept saying that she didn’t earn this award alone, that it took her entire department to accomplish these goals, and she feels that everyone is a part of this award.