Prepping for School

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Tape, tape, and more tape, one of the essential tools for Cedar Grove kindergarten teacher Alicia Cashey.

Alicia says, "Just getting’ everything together, getting ready, getttin’ the things ready for the kids to come. Making everything look nice and presentable.”

The grass is being cut and students will soon fill the seats. It's a new year with a new principal at Cedar Grove Elementary School.

Billy May, Cedar Grove Principal, says, "Well, there's butterflies every new school year, not just this school year because it’s my first year, but every school year we have butterflies to make sure everything's in place, but it always seems to get ready and we're ready to roll."

Over at Arnold it’s time to dust off these bones even though it seems just like yesterday the kids left for summer vacation.

"There's a lot of things you want to do in the summer to help prepare, but the August deadline comes up sneaking up behind you."

That means teachers are working overtime to meet Sunshine State standards, preparing for the FCAT and wishing for that more precious resource: time.

Tammie Stundo, an Arnold teacher, says, "There's never enough time. You can always find more things to do and you don't have enough time to get everything ready."

But Alicia says she'll be prepared when her kids get here on Thursday.

Cedar Grove along with other Bay County schools will look to improve their grades from last year where 13 schools made As and 12 schools made Bs.