Diesel, Anyone?

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Hurricanes Katrina and Rita caused major problems for the oil industry and every American motorist. Not only are we all paying more for gas, but some fuel grades are difficult, if not impossible, to find.

Danny Tollson drives dump trucks for a living. He’s used to stopping at the same gas stations for diesel fuel.

"Some stations limiting the amount you can get at a time and some are letting you fill up, but some don't even have fuel."

That's the case of this one station; no diesel fuel. The vendor decided not to ration it out.

This trucker says his company's on-board computer has kept the loads moving regardless of a fuel shortage.

Kurt Farquhar, a truck driver, says, "They send messages telling us which truck stops have fuel and which one don't. It gets passed around over the CB. Before long everybody knows where the fuel’s at. That's where they're heading, of course. It doesn't last long once they all get there."

Those that travel locally also know where to find diesel fuel.

Joe Watkins, a delivery person, says, "We drive off of Back Beach Road up to Marianna twice a week and anywhere on Panama City Beach or out in town, Panama City there is no diesel fuel, nowhere. This is the only place to get it."

Jackson district school's bus fleet uses 1,000 gallons of diesel a day. School officials keep at least a week's supply in reserve. They think they have enough to get them through this tight time.

The same goes for the company Danny drives for.

"We have a small reserve back at yard. I fill up there. Then I'm going to my jobsite."

Washington County school officials say they have just enough diesel to get them through this week, then students are on fall break next week.