Courts Block Annexation Across North Bay

The Bay County Commission has stopped Lynn Haven’s latest attempt to expand the city limits north of the Bailey bridge.

Lynn Haven had wanted to annex a 22-acre site in the Grassy Point area, but to do that the city would have to reach across North Bay.

The city jumped its limits across North Bay several years ago to annex the Marina Bay Condominiums. Last year the county warned the eight cities within its boundaries that it would go to court to stop what it sees as illegal annexations.

County commissions have been criticized in the past for failing to stop Panama City’s annexations up Highway 231 in the mid 1990s and the city’s overtures to a land owner at the west side of the Hathaway Bridge.

The Lynn Haven Grassy Point Annexation was the county’s first court challenge. The county argued the move was illegal because the land was not physically adjacent to Lynn Haven.

Last Friday, Circuit Judge Glen Hess agreed with the county and ruled North Bay is a major obstacle for the city to provide services to the proposed annexation area.

Lynn Haven meets with its attorneys next week to decide the next move.