Residents Protest Area's Construction

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For years Mary Odom, her children and grandchildren have been picking blueberries on the property next to her Freeport home, but pretty soon Mary will be picking up trash along a new road being built on top of the blueberry patch.

So Wednesday, Mary staged a sit-in to show her displeasure about the road and any future plans the developer may have.

"He" is Jay Odom, the owner of "Freeport 860 Development.”

Mary claims Odom is building this new road on property that doesn't belong to him.

Last week Walton County sheriff's deputies halted Odom's crews from working on the road, but now they're back, and so is Mary.

She's also worried that Odom or another developer may eventually could make a move for her land or some of her neighbors' property, and Mary says this is the only way she can keep it from happening a third time.