Calhoun County Killer

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Wednesday was sentencing day for a Calhoun County man who shot and killed his grandmother, then kidnapped two children. The crime spree set off a nationwide manhunt earlier this spring.

Sixteen-year-old Lorreta Swearigin was engaged to 19-year-old Edkah Marshall back in March. She woke up one morning soon after to hear what he had done.

Lorreta says, “I woke in the morning and he was standing over me with a gun and he said I'm sorry, but I just shot my granny."

Marshall had shot and killed his own grandmother 70-year-old Ruby Sampson. A family friend, Greg Wells, was also shot in his sleep but survived. Swearigin says she was in disbelief, but her nightmare was just beginning.

"He duct taped my hands and mouth and he took me to the trailer where his granny was lying on the floor. He said you can close your eyes, but her body's right there."

Marshall then fled Calhoun County with Swearigin and his 12-year-old cousin, adding kidnapping to his list of offenses.

"He put me in the back seat and we got on 1-10. He told me and anything stupid he would have killed us."

A day later, Marshall was taken into custody by authorities in Mississippi. At his sentencing Wednesday, Marshall pled no contest to all charges, putting himself at the mercy of the court.

Circuit Judge Heintz McClellan sentenced Marshall to three consecutive life sentences without parole and 25 years for violation of probation.

Authorities had been looking for Edkah Marshall for nearly two weeks before he shot and killed his grandmother.