The "Bear" Facts

A large hairy creature was spotted early Friday Morning in the Mowat Highlands subdivision in east Lynn Haven just off State Road 389.

It wasn’t Saquatch, but it did have some very big feet. The bear appears to possibly be the same one that has been seen periodically over the last few months between Highway 77 on the south side of Lynn Haven and eastward into the Mowat Highlands area.

This time he or she was spotted going into a wooded area of the subdivision. Photographs of the bear’s prints were taken in the neighborhood by the Lynn Haven Police Department.

The pictures show the paws to be at least eight inches long.

This bear has not hurt anyone that we are aware of. He generally roams at night or early in the morning and is attached to trashcans, as most bears are. Police say the bear is probably just hungry.

Pet owners are being advised to keep their animals in sight if they go outside. Residents are also being told the best way to keep wildlife away is make sure trash and food is never left outside your home for extended periods of time.