Maddox Quits Race for Governor

Former Democratic Party chairman Scott Maddox quit the race for governor Friday.

He's throwing his support behind Congressman Jim Davis and urging the only other remaining Democrat in the race, State Senator Rod Smith, to do the same.

Maddox says the Democrats shouldn't waste money fighting each other.

"The bottom line is, the Democratic Party can not afford a contested primary. We're outspent significantly by the Republicans, and we need to get together behind one candidate. I felt that I would lead by example even though I was number two in the polls, and very close to the leader, I thought by stepping aside and helping Jim Davis, it was the best thing for the Democratic Party."

Maddox won't say whether he'll seek another office next fall, like maybe the lieutenant governor's spot, but he didn't rule it out.

Rod Smith's campaign says Smith is not going to bow out of the primary race as Maddox suggested.