Relief in Sight at the Pump

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The one, two punch delivered by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit drivers hard, making gas expensive and difficult to find.

Many stations throughout Bay County have been having trouble keeping gas flowing through the pumps, but there might be some relief in sight.

From driving into town to filling up every time you see gas, everybody's got a plan to keep their gas tank full.

Glen Sherwood runs his own company in Bay County and has trouble finding gas.

"Having gas? It would be nice to just go to your regular station near your house or business and get gas, sure," he says.

Getting gas close to home may not be far away. Newschannel 7 spoke to a representative from the Chevron gas terminal in Panama City. He said the refinery in Mississippi where we get most of our gas was severely damaged following Hurricane Katrina, leaving tanks here on empty, but he says the plant is back up and running near 100 percent.

So what does this mean for you at the pump?

First, most stations will be carrying all grades of gas from basic unleaded to premium.

Second, with refineries back up and running, he predicts gas prices should head back down.

But most importantly, next time you pull up to the pump you should be able to fill up your tank.

Managers at the Chevron terminal say they expect to receive their next shipment of gas later on this week.