Chipley Meth

A Chipley couple is in hot water after authorities found dangerous ingredients in their kitchen. It's who was home at the time that could mean a heavy penalty for the pair under a new law.

Just north of Highway 90 on East Boulevard in Chipley, a couple was busted Thursday morning for what they were cooking.

Kevin Crews, Chipley Police Chief, says, "The meth lab was contained in the kitchen area of the house, but however, you can see that the house is less than 1,000 square-foot home."

Robin and Pamela Meredith live in the home with their two-year-old and 10-year-old children. When Chipley police detectives and meth lab experts from the state attorney's office raided the home around 8 o'clock Thursday morning they found enough meth for personal use, but not enough for distribution.

"We've got a acetone, red devil lye, hydrogen peroxide, red phosphorus. All those by themselves is dangerous, and certainly when you mix them together it's twice as bad."

Under a new Florida law that went into effect last month, the couple could face a harsh penalty. The legislation provides minimum mandatory sentencing for exposing children to the hazards of a meth lab.

The children's grandparents will most likely take custody of the kids.

John Barfield, a grandparent, says, "To see the police come down, that always tears me up. That's why we went and got the baby when we did."

John Barfield says he had no idea what his daughter and son-in-law were up to.

"Suspected that he may have been drinking, but I never suspected drugs," he says.

Now the only thing he can do is hope for the best for his grandchildren. If convicted, Robin and Pamela Meredith could be the first people convicted in the 14th Circuit under the new legislation for exposing their children to the dangers of a meth lab.