Local Couple Suing The Bay County School Board

They're accusing school officials of lax security, which resulted in the repeated sexual assault of their daughter.

The lawsuit revolves around the actions of Patrick Joel Kelley.

Kelley is in prison for a series of sexual assaults in 2001 against a 12-year old girl. The girl's parents claim Surfside Middle School staff allowed Kelley to check the girl out of school at least 7-times, without their permission.

The lawsuit claims Kelley would leave Surfside with the girl, molest her, then drive her to her bus stop. It says he threaten to hurt her and her family if she told anyone.

The parents claim the Surfside front-office staff never asked Kelley to show any identification, or checked to see if the parents had given their permission for the girl to leave school with Kelley.

At least twice, Kelley allegedly tried to impersonate the girl's father, but misspelled the family name. On another occasion he allegedly tried to check-out the girl, not knowing she was not in school that day.

But according to the lawsuit the school never notified the parents of these incidents and never tried to match Kelley's handwriting to the parent's signatures on file at the school.

Kelly was arrested on seven sex charges for the attacks. He pled to three, and is serving ten years at the state prison in Bayou George.