Vineyard Damaged By Ivan Unveils Wine Named For Hurricane

Hurricane Ivan didn't make for sour grapes at the SeaBreeze Winery.

The Panama City Beach winery has released a red wine named for
last year's hurricane.

Ivan's high winds damaged a portion of the winery's Kyotee Vineyards in Walton County.

Winery owner Lynn Webb says a small section of the vineyard hadn't been harvested when Ivan tore through last September. She says about 80 cases of grapes were still salvageable from the vines the next morning.

Those grapes are now being sold as a limited edition ``Hurricane Ivan'' wine. The semidry red wine is being sold for about 15 dollars a bottle.

Webb says the winery was able to complete a 40-acre vineyard
expansion despite last year's damage.

She says Hurricane Dennis only caused a delay. The harvest for this year's grapes won't be until sometime next month.