Bush Comes to Mosley

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Florida Governor Jeb Bush paid Mosley High in Bay County a visit Friday morning to introduce educators to a new software program.

Sunshine Connections is a web-based program expected to meet the evolving needs of teachers. They'll now have the ability to see who's in their class prior to the first day of school and track a student’s previous performance on statewide test, even across school districts. This will give educators the ability to determine if a student needs help in a particular area.

The program developed by Microsoft along with input from the Florida Department of Education will be used by approximately 35,000 teachers in 17 different school districts around Florida.

Phase-2 of the program will allow teachers to create individual education plans for every student based on data collected by the Sunshine Connections.

Florida Education Commissioner John Winn says Sunshine Connections will revolutionize the way teachers manage and deliver quality education.