Governor Has Words of Support for Harris

It’s no secret that some in the Republican Party have been trying to recruit someone other than Katherine Harris to run next year against Democratic U.S. Senator Bill Nelson.

Right or wrong, some GOP leaders don't believe Harris can overcome what some perceive as a negative image some people have of her from the 2000 presidential recount controversy in Florida.

House Speaker Allan Bense of Panama City considered running against Harris, but then declined to become a candidate.

Late last week former Congressman Joe Scarborough of Pensacola said he was also considering a run, but decided against it.

Late last week Gov. Jeb Bush said he gave up looking for an alternative candidate once Harris officially announced.

During a visit Friday to Mosley High School in Panama City, the governor had his first words of support for Harris.

"Well, there's Bill Nelson and Katherine Harris, and I must support Katherine Harris. Bill Nelson, I've worked with him on some non-partisan issues, but I do believe that the president needs the support of a Republican senator. As it stands right now, Speaker Bense has decided not to run. It looks like there is not going to be a Republican primary."

There is still plenty of time, legally, for another Republican to jump into the U.S. Senate race, but most Republican leaders feel it is almost too late for anyone else to make an effective run for the office.

Nelson's current term is up late in 2006.