Check Out Your Favorite Eatery Online

If you are heading out to eat today, you might want to log onto your computer first.

The state now allows you to get the scoop on your favorite dining spot by checking restaurant inspections online.

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation gives you details of the twice a year inspections on its Web site.

While the idea of full disclosure may sit well with you, it may also give you an unfair impression of a restaurant, which has corrected its problem.

Carol Dover is a spokeswoman for the Restaurant Association and says, “The likelihood that a restaurant probably cleaned up the problem or fixed it before 5:00 p.m. today is usually pretty good, so they end up with consumers getting a little bit of a false review of what the restaurant may really be like, so it’s a concern.”

To check out the eatery online log onto, then click on “Search for Inspections.” Restaurants are listed on the “Board” category of the division of “Hotels and Restaurants.” Then, click on “Permanent Food Service.”

It’s a good effort by the state, but the Web site is a little difficult and confusing to navigate. However, it’s worth the effort.