Valparaiso Librarian Under Fire

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The quiet little library is tucked away from the busy streets in Valparaiso, but in all its serenity, it couldn't escape recent heated controversies.

Library director Sue Martin is suspended due to pornographic materials being accessed by a registered sex offender and three boys.

This has raised heated disputes; locals saying it is impossible to monitor computer access of every visitor that comes in. City Commissioner Robert Billingsley is suspending Martin for the following: non-performance, negligence, cause, and most recently, payroll discrepancies.

He states Martin was listed "on duty" but could not be located at work when the suspension letter was delivered. A meeting was held Monday night to discuss the issue further. Now, all computer access in the library has been denied to the public, raising another question as to the way this issue is being handled.

The library does not have any firewalls or other devices to block certain sites which allows freedom to information, and in this case, the abused freedom.

Tuesday night’s meeting began at 5:30 at the Mitchell Building in Valparaiso. As soon as we have the commission's decision, we'll pass it along.