Bus Driver Back on the Job

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Tanya Koller remains upset about a steamy bus ride her children say they endured last Thursday after bus driver Dorothy Butler got fed up with rowdy students.

Tanya says, "She kept the air condition off the remainder of the school ride home and our stop is about 20 minutes into the route."

Koller says Butler wouldn't let the students roll down the windows, giving them no relief from the 90 degree heat.

"Anyone with any lick of sense knows that you don't lock someone, so to speak, in a closed vehicle with no air circulating."

Butler tells school Superintendent James McCalister she pulled over and did turn the air off, but put it back on once students calmed down. What she didn't do was radio dispatchers, a required procedure if a driver has to pull over.

James McCalister says, "We could of, perhaps, could tell definitively what actually happened. Now what you have is a driver's version of the incident and at least two students I know version of the incident."

Heated parents like Koller say her one-day suspension is not enough. McCalister says he will make a final decision on Butler’s future Thursday.

Superintendent McCalister says he's not aware of any prior complaints about Butler's performance. He could recommend to the School Board she receive a verbal reprimand or even termination.