18 Osprey Nests Moved in Gulf Power Project

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - Gulf Power is about to begin a massive project to upgrade the company's power grid.

Workers will be replacing lines and equipment that's as much as 70-years old.

Over the last 6 months, Gulf Power has relocated 18 osprey nest in preparation for the work.

The opsrey is a species of special concern that migrates between the US and South America.

"When they come back from their winter habitation they will go right to that nest."said Gordon Paulus, Gulf Power Company.

Ospreys build their nests at high elevations so they can easily spot predators.

They often use power poles and broadcast towers.

Environmental Law prohibits anyone from moving the nests while they're occupied, but they an be move one they're abandoned.

Paulus said, "We did the first 13 structures back in September after the nesting season was over."

Thursday crews relocated the final nest to his 65 foot pole, about 100 feet away from it's original spot, which are being replaced by new concrete poles later this year.

"The new structures are designed to where you can't build a nest. our new structures are going to be taller so we need to keep them from kinda building nests on our structures so they don't get in harms way," Paulus said.

"It is possible to have development as well as restoration with wildlife flourishing," said Mike Batts, Phoenix Environmental President.

Batts says the Panhandle's great horned owls use the nests once the ospreys fly south for the winter.